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Improve Conversion Rate, Product Ranking, Sales Velocity and Profitability on Amazon

Increase Brand Awareness

More than 5000 pre-vetted product testers

We have build a community of 5000+ product testers across countries, age groups and genders. Our product testers include professionals, working women, home makers, students and many more buyer persona

We help you win on Amazon Marketplace

100% Amazon Terms of Service (ToS) compliant. our program is exactly similar to amazon vine program and early reviewer program launched by Amazon itself.

Our product tester community is spread across countries, age groups, genders, etc to make sure we match the product with the most suitable user testing & feedback.

We do not ask testers to leave reviews, nor we influence what they write. We do not guarantee reviews and there is no compensation to product testers.

Hire influencers to Test your Products
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How we ensure Amazon’s ToS Compliance

Our team consists of many Amazon sellers, who understand and adhere Amazon’s Terms of Service Agreement and general policies. You can refer to Amazon’s ToS here.

Subscribe to a Plan

Once you subscribe, we will share your products to tester that matches your Target group. Interested ones will place order on Amazon to get their product for testing.

Get honest reviews

When the testers receive the product, they will use it and provide an honest product feedback . This process is 100% compliant with Amazon’s ToS & prevents any risk.

Grow sales on Amazon

More reviews leads to higher conversion rate, increased sales velocity, higher ranking, lower ad spend, more profitability. This is 100% similar to Amazon Vine program.

Get your products tested

Every brands wants its customers to try and test its products and provide an honest feedback, so that they can constantly improve their products and meet customer needs


Get useful product feedback

We ensure that your products are tested by the most relevant user of your product. This will ensure that the user will try the product with full interest and provide an unbiased opinion

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Strong Tester Community

Most diverse and independent product tester community


ASINs Reviewed

Launched and Ranked products on Amazon Page One for 200+ Sellers.


Honest reviews delivered

End to End Amazon account management with $5M PPC ad spend.


Starter Plan

Per Month


+ Product Cost

  • Hire 15 Influencers

  • Only 1 ASIN

  • Broad Focus

  • No Hashtag

  • FB Post Only

  • Direct Click

Professional Plan

Per Month


+ Product Cost

  • Hire 35 Influencers

  • Up to 2 ASINs

  • Niche Focus

  • Hashtags used

  • FB + IG Post

  • External Traffic

Expert Plan

Per Month


+ Product Cost

  • Hire 55 Influencers

  • Up to 4 ASINs

  • Niche Focus

  • Hashtags Used

  • FB + IG + GMB Post

  • External Traffic

Do you want product testing for more than 5 ASINs or more than 50 tests?
Our a-la-carte plan starts from $50 per product test + product cost.

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We have helped 500+ Amazon sellers across US, UK, EU, etc to generate $50+ million incremental sales.

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